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Today was a busy day at work. We had a special business lunch with a speaker at a fancy tennis club. The meal was fantastic. :) MMMMM. And it was free for me since I was there to work. And I got paid to eat too! Yay! Gotta love that. :)

I went to see a friend’s baby tonight. He’s beautiful. As I held little Nathan, I looked at his perfect tiny face and thought about how amazing the creation of a baby is. A tiny little egg and sperm unite and multiply into cells which multiply into more cells that eventually form a baby. By the time that little baby has been growing in the womb for eight weeks, you can hear the heart beat! But I think the heart actually begins beating at 20 something DAYS! Unbelievable. This little being has a beating heart and brain waves before it has been in the womb an entire month and yet women will abort these little beings saying they are nothing more that a blob of cells. Well, I can’t believe how sick some people are, but this blog is not intended to be an abortion bash. God is so good, and He does an amazing thing when He forms a baby inside his mother’s womb. How can anyone doubt God’s existence?

This morning my temperature was still at 98 degrees. I wonder what my body is doing? I can’t wait to test on Saturday. I hope I get a positive although I can’t imagine what that would be like. I’ve gotten so many negatives in the past, it’s hard to believe that I’ll look at the pregnancy test and see the word “pregnant” there all by itself without the “not” in front of it. Well, four more days to go! We’ll see what tomorrow holds.

Well, goodnight all! :) Sleep well.

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