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Today has been a really good day. Great sermon by Pastor Lonn Oswalt on headship. I loved it. I also finally took my membership vows. I am part of the original group that started Immanuel Presbyterian, but I have not been considered a member because up until a year ago, I was still under my father’s headship and a member of New Hope Baptist Church in Choudrant, Louisiana. But I am now officially a member of Immanuel. Hooray!

Every couple of weeks we like to have people over after church for lunch. This week we had three friends over, and I forgot to remove my personal item of clothing from plain view on the handle of the door to the laundry room which is off of the kitchen which is open to plain view from the dining room. It was not until the two guys left that my husband noticed it. How embarrassed was I? Yeah. And what makes this whole situation worse is that THAT WAS NOT THE FIRST TIME I have done that! The gentlemen of our church are pretty well acquainted with my underthings by now. I make such a big deal about keeping the house clean and keeping everything in its assigned spot, but when we have people over, I can’t seem to remember that the proper spot for my underthings is upstairs in my dresser where no one can see them, not hanging on my laundry room door! Geeze. Will I never learn?

Well, I’m off to see a movie with my hubby. Happy Sabbath, all!

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