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This has been a fairly good week. It has just flown by. I was busier than usual at work which was nice. The business made the days go by faster. Speaking of work, Christopher is placing himself in the job market again. He has a new general manager that he does not get along with at all, and the company he works for treats their employees like crap. My brother, Greg, desperately wants us to move to Little Rock near him and his family. I would love to live closer to my brother, but I would hate to leave my church. That would be hard.

Well, I have been taking Fertility Blend for almost two weeks now. It is too early to see any kind of improvement. I am on cycle day 15 with no sign of ovulating which really isn’t a good sign, but we shall see. My temperature went a little crazy this week, but I think it was because I did not sleep at all on Tuesday night. And my body is probably a little more out-of-wack than usual because I have been eating an insane amount of candy lately. I really have to stop. I have to break my sugar addiction. I admit I have a problem; now I need to deal with it.

Tonight, Christopher and I went to a poker party at a friend’s house. No real money was used which was great because both C and I got hammered. I mean we lost pretty badly. We didn’t get drunk. There was lots of pizza, chips, chocolate, and candy corn, and everyone was happy! After the loooong poker session, Christopher, Farris, and I played a few games of ping-pong. It had been quite a while since I last played ping-pong, but I didn’t perform as horribly as I thought I would. Yay me! Of course, I never won a game, but it was fun anyway.

Today is my SIL, Melody’s, birthday. Melody is great. I don’t know how she puts up with my brother, but she does a great job of it. She also does a great job raising her two beautiful children. I love my nephew and niece more than I can say. They are precious.

I don’t know if I’ll get around to posting this weekend or not. I probably will find a time. I am greatly looking forward to sleeping in and spending lots of time with my hubby! :)

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