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Monthly Archives: October 2006

I have decided to host my first Thanksgiving dinner! I am very excited about this. I have invited my family, and I may invite a few singles from church who won’t be able to go home for the holiday. Christopher is going to fry a turkey, I will make the sweet potato casserole, green beans, and all that other super yummy Thanksgiving food. It’s going to be fun.

Please pray for Christopher. He is looking for a job. He is in the process of submitting his resume to Campbell Soup. There is a position open here in Jackson as a sales rep. The starting pay is a few thousand more than what he is making now, and the few benefits we have heard about sound fantastic. So far, Christopher is the only applicant, and the job has been open for some time now, so things look positive. But please pray, pray, pray. He really needs to find another job. The sooner the better. He comes home from work almost every night absolutely miserable and with a new story about how his superiors have screwed him over or are planning to screw him over. It’s ridiculous. He’s miserable, and I hate the people who are making him miserable, so I guess I could use some prayers, too.

I received a book in the mail yesterday that I ordered a week ago. It’s called “feeling fat, fuzzy, or frazzled?”. A lady from church recommended the book to me after we had a conversation about my reproductive health problems. It should be an interesting read. Apparently the authors help you pinpoint your problem hormones and then teach you how to get those hormones balanced. I’m hoping that it will give me some good pointers.

This week has been crazy busy at work. Our big banquet of the year was on Monday, and all went very well. However, it created a ton of work for me to do. I should be done with it all by tomorrow. It has been very nice having something to keep me busy all day, but it’s tiring work, sitting at a computer for seven hours.

Yesterday, on my way home from lunch, Christopher called and told me that he was having car trouble. I picked him up in someone’s driveway, and we went home to have lunch and let his car cool off. After lunch we picked up his car and took it to car care clinic, and then Christopher drove me in my car back to work. He came inside the office to use the restroom, and when he came out he realized that he had locked my keys in the car, and all of his keys were with his car. So Christopher took about a two mile hike in the heat of the day, got my car key, and walked back. I was laughing the whole time he was gone because we had just had a conversation in which Christopher told me that he thought it would be fun to walk across the country as a homeless man. I told him that when he gets to do that, he will be walking alone. Was yesterday that day?

Well, I am on cycle day 56, and every pregnancy test I have taken has been negative. I think I’ve taken about five. I would like to get a blood test done, but despite how much I have loved peeing on a stick this month, I don’t really REALLY think I am pregnant. I’m just messed up. I have a few pregnancy symptoms: the first one is a bit obvious without me having to mention it, and the second is that I am so dad-gum EXHAUSTED all the time. Sure I’m always tired. That is the story of my life. But I think that this is different. I am getting the same amount of sleep each night (which never has been enough), but I am feeling much more exhausted in the afternoon hours than I have in the past. I have taken a nap just about every afternoon for the past two weeks because I have been so tired, I can barely function. I feel like my brain is in a fog every day after lunch. Since I don’t believe I am pregnant, I have to wonder what could be going on with my body. But what else is new, eh?

Nicole Bailey had an early sonogram done at 7 weeks, and she showed me the picture of her tiny little baby. It was a speck in a big black hole, and it was absolutely precious. Lee and Nicole said that they were able to see its tiny little heart beating like crazy. I think that is so amazing. A tiny heart beating so strongly at only seven weeks. God is so incredible.

Well, I’m off. I didn’t get any sleep last night, and I skipped my nap today, so I am pretty tired. Bed time for me.