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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Those cysts I wrote about in my last post started to burst on Thursday night. The pain is finally all gone, but now I’m just plain sick. Ugh. I just wish I could feel “normal” for once. It’s been almost a year since I’ve felt “normal.”

I am preparing for Christopher’s birthday on Saturday and then a trip to Louisiana to see lots of family! Yay! So excited!

Don’t know when I’ll post again. So, Merry Christmas, everybody!

I guess it’s time for a new blog, huh? Well, I feel like a lot has been going on when in fact, hardly anything has been happening! We are still getting used to our new home. Christopher and I love it, but I am getting tired of not having any blinds over the windows. We have an old bed spread nailed to our window frame so that we can have some privacy. Maybe by January when Christopher’s parents come we’ll have some suitable blinds. I hope so.

Yes, the Merediths are coming on January 5th, I think! Christopher and I are very excited and really looking forward to seeing them again. They were here in April, and we haven’t gotten to see them since. We’ll have a fun weekend.

We have finally made some progress in my cycle. My nurse put me on metformin and clomid. The clomid only has to be taken for five days per cycle, so I’m done with that. Now, I’m on Prometrium, a progesterone pill. So far my symptoms are the occasional bout of nasea and swollen ovaries which probably indicate that I have some cysts. It is very painful, but not so painful that I can’t function.

That’s about it. Wow. This has got to be one of my shorter posts.