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Monthly Archives: February 2007

I guess it’s time for another blog. I have had a nasty head cold this past week. It was so bad that I stayed home from work on Wednesday and Thursday. I feel a lot better now, but I still have some problems with a stuffy nose and bubbles in my ears, especially my right ear.

Saturday, I rode with my parents to Arkansas for my nephew’s third birthday party. Micah was so thrilled that so many people came to his house to see him and to bring him presents. When I handed him my gift, his eyes got really big and he ran up to Greg and said, “Daddy, look! I have a present!” He was so cute. I need to remember to call him today to sing him Happy Birthday again. He has this cute habit of singing along, “Happy birthday to me!” What a funny kid.

I think Christopher and I are gonna hold off on really trying to get pregnant for a few months. I don’t want to be eight or nine months pregnant for my sister’s wedding in November. We also want to wait to find out what God has in store for our future: should Christopher go to law school or should we keep doing the same old thing? Christopher took the LSAT on the 10th, and he is now very anxiously awaiting the results. The only way he’ll be able to go back to school is if he gets a fantastic score and is awarded a full scholarship. So it is all definitely in God’s hands.

I had a good Valentine’s day this year. I hate V-Day because I have so many bad memories from when I was younger. V-Day was never very kind to me. As I said above, I was sick so I stayed home all day. Christopher came home from work with a lovely box of chocolates and two cards for me. He cooked me dinner and we ate the chicken alfredo on our gorgeous china by candlelight. After dinner, Christopher kicked me out of the kitchen, and he cleaned up everything himself. He even handwashed our china and put the plates back on the shelf! What a wonderful husband I have.

My birthday is about a month away. I’ll be 23. I feel so old.