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Monthly Archives: March 2007

I had such a busy and fantastic weekend that I had to write about it. Saturday, Christopher and I went house shopping. We actually toured about six houses with a realtor. That was so much fun and so enlightening. I think we’ve decided that we want to buy a house in Clinton to be near our church family and our friends. We’ll be working in Jackson with a drive of about 30 minutes one way, but we figure that we won’t be working in Jackson forever. Clinton is much nicer, and it will be great to finally be close to our friends and a half hour closer to my family in Louisiana. After house shopping, we went out to lunch and then we walked around our neighborhood until Christopher had to leave for work. I spent the evening cleaning and then generally being lazy.

Sunday was my 23rd birthday! Christopher and the Durhams planned a party for me after church. I knew I was having a party and I knew it would be at the Durham home, but that is all I knew about it. A lot of people came. Five families and several singles came and we had a huge crawfish boil! I love crawfish so much. It is my favorite seafood ever! I hadn’t had any in about two or three years. That was such a nice birthday surprise. The day was spent in general birthday revelry. We got back home around 8:00 and watched a couple of our shows before going to bed.

So, all in all, it was a great weekend, and although it is over, the celebration has not yet ended. We came home Sunday with nine leftover beer burger patties, four hot dogs, and a nice big bag of crawfish tails. I put the hot dogs, two burgers, and a little of the crawfish in the fridge so we can eat them this week and I froze the rest for later. I can’t wait to make some spaghetti with the crawfish and whatever else our minds can think up. We also have leftover birthday cake. Mmmm-mmmmm. White cake with white icing from Wal-Mart. I had decided that my “diet” would really begin today, but with all that cake and good food waiting for me at home, I think I may have to put it off for another week or two. 🙂

Yesterday Christopher and I enjoyed the beautiful Sabbath weather by taking a very long walk. While we walked, we discussed a few options for the future. One of the things we talked about was buying a house. Christopher hopes to get accepted into MC law school for this fall, but if he isn’t offered enough money, he plans to try again for next fall. In the meantime, we know that, God willing, we will be in the Jackson area for another four+ years, so we may as well invest in a house instead of continuing to throw our money away on rent. We figure that with USAA, our bank, we can get a pretty decent mortgage–something equal to or less than what we are paying now for rent. Yes, we will have to pay for the upkeep ourselves, and that is definitely something to consider. The idea of owning a house in Mississippi scares me because I don’t want to be here for the rest of my life. I don’t know how I’d leave my church and few friends, but there are other states I would much rather live in. Owning a house gives us a sense of permanency, and that is scary. I guess, though, because of our wonderful church and friends, MS wouldn’t be such a bad to live after all.

Happy news! Christopher scored a 165 out of 180 on his LSAT! His score puts him in the 93rd percentile which means that only 7% of the people who took the LSAT scored higher than Christopher. I am very proud of him. Now we are waiting for Mississippi College to receive and process all of his information, and we are hoping and praying that they will award him a very sizable scholarship (preferably FULL). Last night we celebrated with a sinfully delicious dinner at Olive Garden including a lovely glass of wine with dinner (a plus to not being pregnant) and dessert. Christopher was giddy with excitement all night long.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for Christopher. Please continue praying that he will receive a great scholarship and that we’ll both be able to adjust to the changes that are sure to come.