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Monthly Archives: April 2007

I had a dream a couple of nights ago, and I don’t remember what the dream was about, but the next morning Christopher told me that I was talking in my sleep. When I asked what I said, he told me, “His only tool is his vegetable.” What in the world was I dreaming?

Sarah had her baby last night! His name is Arthur Andrew Richey which I find very fitting. Even though Christopher and I drove out to Monroe last evening to be with Sarah and Jarrod, we did not get to meet little Arthur. God willing, in a week or so, we’ll make the trip again. Is that okay, Sarah? In the meantime, I enjoy checking his blog regularly (

Christopher has set our moving date to May 26 which is four weeks from this coming Saturday. I started to freak out a bit at first because we have so much to do, but then I realized that four weeks notice is much better than two days notice! Christopher went to the apartment complex today to get measurements of everything so that we can figure out what pieces of furniture will fit and where. Moving this early will allow us to save $500 on rent this summer! And since we’ll have a pool, I’ll be able to get nice and tan before we go to the beach in July.

So I have a lot to write about so this will be more than just a tidbit. Christopher and I have decided to completely change gears and rent a tiny little apartment that’s nearly half of what we are paying in rent right now. He did get the full scholarship to law school (yipee!), so he will become a student again in the fall. I love to tease Christopher about getting a “real” job by the time he is 30. But this is simply teasing. Christopher is a great husband and provider, and he loves his current job. Moving on.

Christopher and I are trying to go through all of our stuff to figure out what we can sell and what we can hold on to because our apartment will be sooo tiny. We could put some things into storage but that will cost another $100 a month, and we don’t want to have to do that for another three years. Rummaging through all our stuff is a very long process, but it will feel so good when we are done. So far, we have gone through our books, CDs, and DVDs. I have no idea what will be next.

Because Christopher will be in school for the next three years, we will not be actively trying to conceive in the near future anymore. God has finally given me peace with not having a baby just yet. I still hope for a surprise as we will not be doing anything to prevent pregnancy, but I’m okay with waiting to get back on Clomid (which is my best option for getting pregnant right now) until Christopher graduates. I guess I need to change the title of this blog to something like “My life as a wife to a law student.” Boring, I know, but I’m just not very creative. Any suggestions?

Well, the good news is out of the way. Now for the grievous news. Our friend, Andrew, passed away on Easter Sunday. Andrew was such an incredible person. Christopher and I were both very sorry to see him leave Jackson after graduation, but I’m glad that he got to be with his family for the last year of his life. I know that he is now finally without pain and he is happy with our Lord. The funeral was yesterday, and Christopher and I went out to Alexandria, LA to attend. It was the most unusual funeral I have ever been to, but it was very refreshing. They didn’t have the casket there because the burial was actually this morning in Natchez, MS, and that really helped. The funeral was really a nice worship service. There was a reception afterwards where we got to see and talk a bit with Sarah and Jarrod who are both doing very well. The Hilleke family is such a wonderful and godly family, and Christopher and I have been very blessed to have called two members our friends.