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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Since I had a comment question about the move, I decided to post quickly to let you all know how it went. We had a tremendous turn-out to help us move which was such a blessing. We had at least seven large vehicles and two trailers, and Christopher and I still had to make two more trips with BOTH our cars to get everything over to our new place. The apartment is extremely tiny so we are having to get rid of so much of our stuff. It’s going to take a while, but in a few weeks, the apartment will feel and look more like home. I can’t wait. Right now, the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are all unpacked, so I’m okay with the rest of the place being a mess. We have a path from the door to the bedroom, and that’s the next main thing. I can see us being really happy there. I told Christopher that the close living quarters will either make us love each other more or make us want to kill each other. I’m sure it will be the former, though. 🙂

Two posts in one day?! Yeah, well, this is important. I don’t remember if I have posted about this or not, but my mom has a condition called subglottic stenosis. It is a condition where scar tissue has grown in one of her air passages and it hinders her breathing. She has to take all kinds of meds for acid reflex and she can barely exercise or do much lifting or physical work. She has had this condition for maybe four or five years (give or take a year, I guess), and the doctors in LA cannot do a thing to help her. She has had about four surgeries where the doctors have gone in and dilated her passage to help her breath. This dilation only lasts from 3 to 6 months, and then Mom is back to not being able to breathe again. Mom and Dad traveled to FL this weekend to see some doctors in Jacksonville, and they were told today that Mom is a perfect candidate for reconstructive surgery! We are very grateful to God for answered prayer, and we continue to pray for my mom’s recovery. Please join my family in this prayer. The surgery, as I said, will be a reconstructive surgery. From what I understand, they have to completely reconstruct the lining of this passageway. She will be in the hospital in FL for up to two weeks. I am not sure yet when the surgery will take place, but I will try to remember to post about it when I know!

Christopher and I are down to crunch time. Our move is on Saturday, and we barely have anything packed. We have a bookshelf still full of books we MUST get rid of, and we have several furniture pieces that we MUST sell. Anyone interested? We plan to donate a few more boxes of stuff to Goodwill, and we will probably end up donating the kids books I have to a local Christian school (along with an extra computer or two that we have lying around the house). This week will be full with packing and getting our stuff organized for our tiny new apartment. I don’t think it has really sunk in that I’m moving, yet. I’ve only seen the place once, so it doesn’t seem real. I am excited about having a pool!

My sister, Christina, was in town this weekend. A lot of my kitchen stuff is going to her because she will be getting married in November. My poor parents are having to store a ton of stuff in their house until then (or until Christina’s finance finishes the improvements he is doing on their house). Anyway, we had a good time. We played lots of Skipbo and Phase 10 and watched several episodes of “Friends.” Love that show. I am really glad Christina was able to come stay with us one last time before we move.

Please pray for us as we finalize everything for the move this weekend! If you want free pizza, come by and help on Saturday!

The first weekend in May has come and gone. I have less than three weeks until we move! Saturday Christopher and I took about four boxes of stuff to Goodwill, and Christopher has sold nearly $200 worth of stuff on But we still have so many more things to get rid of! I still don’t know how it’s all going to get done.

Christopher made a scale of our apartment and of the furniture we are keeping, and I played with that for about an hour tonight. It was fun trying to figure out where everything is going to go in that tiny little place. I know we can make it work. We HAVE to make it work. I am not going to live in a tacky, cramped apartment for the next three years! Condensing our stuff is a challenge, but that’s why I think it’s so much fun (and so overwhelming).

I thought for sure I would be celebrating Mother’s Day this year with my husband and a new little one, but it’s not to be. But I have more peace now than I did just a few months ago in that area. I still wish God would bless us now, but I’m more content to wait on His timing and be thankful for the days I can sleep until noon and stay out until 3AM watching Spiderman 3 and going over to friends’ houses without worrying about getting home to put the baby to bed. Instead of focusing on why I can’t conceive, I’m trying to focus on the freedom I have now. This has helped me stay much happier.

To those who will be celebrating Mother’s Day (Mom, Betsy, Melody, Sarah, Nicole, Kat), I hope you ladies have a wonderful day, and I hope you remember how much you are loved and appreciated. What would we do without you?