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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Great news! God has been so good to my family and has blessed my mom with at least a portion of money for her surgery. A generous family from my parents chuch gave my mom a big check a few weeks ago, the church has voted to take up a love offering, and on July 21st, Mom’s church is hosting a fish fry fundraiser for her! My parents go to New Hope Baptist Church in Choudrant, LA, so anyone who would like to purchase a plate, let me know! I will, God willing, be down there for the day to help out and support my family.

Christopher and I are still enjoying our little apartment. We took a walk around downtown Jackson yesterday evening and realized that we really do live in a pretty city. Of course, it’s dangerous, and I would never walk around by myself, even in daylight. Yesterday, we were followed by a bum for at least three blocks. That was a scary experience for me, and I wondered where the police were when we needed them. But my big husband protected me and we made it home safely after losing the guy.

Before we moved, Comcast bought Time Warner Cable and has been giving us trouble for months. Christopher has tried three times to PROVE that he has indeed paid all of our bills on time, but Comcast continues to tell us that we owe them over $100. Their customer service has been bad and the wait to actually talk to a person when he calls has been AT LEAST 20 minutes, but usually more. Then, when someone finally picks up the phone, they can’t help him, so they transfer him and he has to wait another 20 minutes. Anyway, after getting tired of all their crap, we have switched to DSL with ATT/Bellsouth. Christopher posted a nice long blog ranting about Comcast, so go check it out!