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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Me catching some rays. I’m trying to make my back match my fried front.

JJ did a cleavage shot. No idea why.

Sarah dressing up Christopher.

Christopher body surfing with the camera in front of him. Classic picture.

HUGE Fried Oreo Sunday. Yes. Fried.

JJ, Elizabeth, and Sarah making adorable pouty/kissy faces.

Me and the boys mini-golfing.

Gorgeous sunset on bay side of island.

The Meredith/ Hurd children prepared for Betsy’s surprise party.

The Meredith family.

Being silly with the girls. JJ is in the background.

Precious Sarah. I love this look on her.

Cutie pie Katie cheesing it.

Emily being a goof. She makes faces in almost every picture. So much fun.

Christopher and I returned home at about 5:30 this evening. We had such a fantastic trip. After a hell of a day last Monday dealing with late flights and a run across the Atlanta airport, we arrived in Albany at about 11:30PM (one hour late) without our luggage. We were not at all surprised. We did not receive our luggage until after 3 on Tuesday afternoon. By then, lots of people were over at the Meredith home visiting with us. Neither of us had a shower and we were getting kind of smelly. I guess we are pretty loved because everyone stuck around for awhile. We left for Long Beach Island, NJ on Wednesday and had a wonderful time at the beach. The water was 63 degrees and made my toes numb so I never ventured much further than my calves, but Christopher enjoyed body surfing and general revelry in the water with his brothers while Betsy and I had nice talks on our chairs under the sun. Christopher and I suffered for a few days from horrible sunburn which is now turning into a nice shade of brown except at my hairline where it looks like I have dandruff because of the peeling. I had such a good time with everyone. Christopher’s family has really embraced me as their own and they openly show love and affection to me. I have come to genuinely love and care for them myself. We talked with his aunt until 2:00 in the morning about Protestant/Catholic theology (very interesting and lively…just like we like it), we played extensively with his sweet little cousins (girls 9, 5, 4, and 16 months), I went shopping with Betsy and then with Christopher and JJ, lots of mini-golf with Frank and the brothers, and talking with Grandma and Grandpa out on the back deck while waiting to get cleaned up in the open-air, outdoor shower. I can’t exactly say it was a relaxing vacation because the girls were quite lively (wouldn’t trade it for the world), but it was most certainly enjoyable. Christopher and I hated to leave this afternoon not knowing when we will get to see everyone again as Christopher will be starting school in a month and he’ll be busy with that and internships for the next three years.

I do have pictures for those interested (Sarah), but I am completely computer illiterate so I have to wait for Christopher to publish them for me. We realized on the flight home today that we didn’t get any pictures of the two of us together! There are a ton of Christopher, a few of me, and the rest of the girls, but I don’t think there is a single picture of the two of us together. Oh well. I hope you enjoy them anyway.

I promised to let everyone know about my mom’s fish fry. The event will take place on Saturday, July 21. I THINK it will begin at 3, but I’m not positive on that. A plate costs $7.50. If you are interested in purchasing a plate on behalf of my mom, contact Dwayne Monk with New Hope Baptist Church in Choudrant or my mother, Anita Mattson. Both will be in the phone book. I will be going to LA that day to help out in any way, so maybe I’ll see you there!

Christopher and I will be leaving Monday for a funfilled vacation with the Merediths! Yay! We will spend a day in Schoharie, NY and then drive to Long Beach Island, NJ where we will stay until the 16th. We are both so excited about this vacation. It will be so good to get out of MS for a few days and visit with Christopher’s family. It has been nearly two years since we’ve seen most of them.