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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Southwestern Baptist Seminary recently decided on a new degree for women: a BA in Humanities with a 23 hour concentration in homemaking. I am thrilled at the news. When I went to Belhaven I mentioned that I would love it if there were some kind of homemaking major. There would be classes on cooking, sewing, cutting hair, hospitality, education, etc. These are all skills that a woman could use inside and outside of the home. She could work at a salon, a restaurant, or a school. She would have skills that would help in church ministry and missions and many other areas. If we lived closer to Southwestern I would look into this degree even though I have said over and over that I am done with school. I’ve said that because I am not career-minded. The only thing I’ve ever really wanted to do is stay home and take care of my family. I went to college and earned a BA in English because it was engrained in me that education is good and necessary (and I agree), but I don’t want to have a career. I am just biding my time right now as a secretary (I guess office assistant sounds better) until we have children and Christopher gets an amazing job as a rich and famous lawyer. Hehe.

The thing that really gets me on fire is that Southwestern has been greatly criticized by other Christians and Baptists for introducing this degree. One person actually said that he’d rather see women taking classes for more vital ministries. More vital ministries?! There are no other ministries more vital than the home and family! God has set up the family as the building block and basic unit of society, and He has set up limits and guidelines for what a family is supposed to look like. One of the reasons why our world is so nasty today is because CHRISTIANS have forgotten God’s standards and neglected their God-given duties and responsibilities in the home and family. The divorce rate among Christians is no better than in the secular world. Christians are getting pregnant out of wedlock. Children raised in Christian homes are straying far from the faith of their parents and never coming back. Christian families have just as many broken and unhappy homes as unbelievers and yet the ministry of the home isn’t vital enough to warrant a seminary to offer classes to teach women about their God-gives roles as wives and mothers?! This is crazy and it disgusts me. I heartily support and thank Southwestern Baptist Seminary for offering these studies for women, and I hope and pray that other seminaries and Christian colleges will follow in Southwestern’s footsteps. We need more schools and Christians like this today who want to promote what God teaches in His Word about families and the woman’s role in her home.

On another note, Mom’s surgery yesterday went well, praise God. The doctor doesn’t think that they harmed her vocal chords, and he has said that it looks like Mom should be able to go home without a trach. This is another big praise. Mom was worried about that. Now please pray for her as she recovers and then as she and Dad try to pay off their debt from the surgery.

Mom and Dad ended up borrowing the money for the surgery, so Mom will go under the knife on Tuesday. I am worried, but I know that she is and will be in God’s hands. She and Dad will be in Florida for two weeks. After that, Mom will be allowed to come home, but she will probably have a trach for another 6 to 8 weeks and she may have paralysis of her vocal cords. Please pray that all goes well and there are no complications.

I was horribly ill on Friday. I couldn’t keep anything down so Christopher took me to the doctor where I got a shot. I came home and went to bed for about three hours. Then C and I watched an episode of Monk. I fell asleep about halfway through the second episode and didn’t move until 1:30AM when I got up from the couch and moved to my bed. I slept there until 10:30AM, managed to eat a couple pieces of toast, wash a few dishes, and then it was back to the couch for a two hour nap.

I still don’t feel right although I can finally eat normally again. My stomach looks huge, I think I have a cyst in my right ovary, my emotions seem to be going wacky, I keep getting heartburn, and the list goes on. No, I’m not pregnant. I can’t wait to feel “normal” again. If I don’t in another week, then I will go see my doctor.

Sunday after church Christopher took me to LA for Christina’s first bridal shower. (I accidently told someone from church that Christopher and I were leaving to go to my sister’s baby shower. Yikes!) She got more gifts at that one shower than I received in all of mine put together! Seriously, that girl got a ton of stuff. 🙂 I’m very happy for her.

Christopher starts school on Tuesday. Actually, Tuesday is when orientation begins, but it lasts until Friday, and he’ll be busy from 8-5 every day. Then he’ll have to work in the evenings. I was looking forward to our last free weekend together, but then Christopher committed us to housesitting/babysitting for a family in our church. I love the kids and it will be fun. I don’t really mind. I just wish we had a weekend to spend however we like. We haven’t for the past three weeks or so. Anyway, school officially starts on August 20, our 2 year anniversary. That sucks, huh? We probably won’t really get to celebrate our anniversary for the next three years, but I keep telling myself that the end result will be worth all of the work and not-togetherness we’ll have to go through. I keep thinking that I have to work for another three years. THREE YEARS! I know it’s a short amount of time, and I know it will go quickly, and I know that we can do it, but sometimes I feel so hopeless. I want a family! I wanted to be done having kids before I reached 30, not just starting out. But, again, I know I just to need to have patience to get through Christopher’s schooling. I really am quite proud of him, and I’m sure he’ll do really well in law school. I just have to keep my trust in God and keep focusing on the end result.

On Saturday, July 21 my parents’ church held a fish fry fundraiser for my mom. It was a great success! About 400 tickets were sold and more people showed up on Saturday to buy some fish dinners. Altogether, I think about $4,000 was raised by that event. With the money from the fish fry, individual donations, and a love offering from the church, my mom has been given about $12,000 (my rough estimate) for her surgery. Praise God! I want to thank all of my friends who participated in the fish fry. It was so good to see a few old friends there to support my family. Thank you all.

God has indeed blessed my family, but my mom still needs to come up with about $33,000 before she can schedule the surgery. That’s right. The surgery costs $45,000. This, to my family, is a staggering amount. Christopher looked into getting a paypal account on behalf of mom for people to make donations, but I don’t think that’s going to work out for some reason. If you would like to make a donation, please either contact me by email ( or leave a comment. I can give you information on where to send the donation, and I may even be able to talk with my parents’ church and see if you can give to the church and then the church will give the money to my mom. I hope this doesn’t appear tacky. I do not EXPECT anyone to give anything. I just want to put this out there to let you know that there is a way you can give if you feel led to do so.

On another note, Christopher starts school in two weeks! He is getting very nervous about what the future will hold for us. He is even talking about quitting work altogether so that he can fully concentrate on school. With our living arrangements now, we very well may be able to do that, but money would be really tight. It would help if I got a second job or found another full time job that I enjoy and that has decent benefits. I’ve even thought about cleaning a few houses on Fridays and/or Saturdays. That would give us a few extra hundred dollars a week which would help a ton. Please pray for us as we dive into this venture head-first and see what God has in store.