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Monthly Archives: October 2007

I just had to comment on the procession of Thursday posts. It struck me as funny. I’m grasping at anything to keep me laughing these days.

Last night I dished out some ice cream for our brownie a la modes and I wanted to lick the ice cream spoon afterwards. I put my whole mouth over the spoon and my lip stuck to it! I ripped it off and then put my lips back on the spoon and they got stuck again! So I ripped my lip off again and noticed that some skin stayed behind on the spoon. I was tasting blood for a while after that. I can’t believe I put my lips on the spoon a second time after they got stuck the first time. I am such an idiot sometimes. My mom allways called me her dumb blonde child. The funny thing is that I am the only child who was NEVER blonde. Anyway, I had to laugh at myself for being so stupid. My dad did, too. When I asked why in the world I do such stupid things all the time Dad said, “Maybe so we’ll all have something to laugh about.”

The memorial luncheon at New Hope went well last weekend. The two speakers were really great, and Christina, Granny, and I had a good time. It was a good weekend all around. Christopher and I got to hang out with Dad on Friday and on Saturday we finally got to spend some time with Sarah and Jarrod.

This week seems to have gone by so fast! It has been a really busy week. Monday was YBL’s banquet so I was dealing with that all day and the rest of this week I have been taking care of follow-up stuff. Things will slow down next week, though, and I’ll be back to being bored.