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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Thanksgiving is over (it was a lot of fun) and Christmas is only a week away! Reminds me of that song:

Wishing, hoping, boxes to open,
but we agreed it’s right to wait.
Turkey and dressing after the blessing
and there’s just a night to wait!
Round and round the Christmas tree,
opening presents with the family!
One for you and two for me!
Oh, what a Christmas Day!

Well, I thought of that song because somewhere in there, the guy sings, “Christmas a week away!”

Christopher and I will be spending his birthday and Christmas with my family and then we will leave for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York on the 26th. I’m sorry I don’t get to spend more time with my family but we are both soooooo excited to be going up north to see Christopher’s family. It’s been two years since we’ve seen some of them.

I’m a little nervous about Christmas with my family because, since we will all be together, it will be blantantly obvious that Mom is missing. I’m trying hard to remember why we celebrate Christmas instead of allowing myself to dwell on how different and difficult the celebration will be without Mom.

I hope everyone has a very happy Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Lord.