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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Happy Easter!

My dad and sister and possibly a friend of dad’s will be joining Christopher and I for Easter this Sunday.  I am looking forward to it.  It’s always great to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and the basis of our faith and who better to do this with than family?  The only thing is that I still have to clean the entire apartment and go grocery shopping and figure out how to cook a ham in just three days!  My morning sickness has been easing up this week so I’m hoping and praying that I will feel well enough this weekend to do of all those things.

In baby related news, I’m not showing yet, but my stomach is getting really hard.  A friend laughed with me about that last week and told me that I bet I didn’t know I had such great abbs.  I decided that I’ll have Christopher take weekly or biweekly pics of me beginning on Saturday which will mark the beginning of my eighth week.

I had a good birthday Tuesday.  I was really missing my mom, though.  I always received a card from her a few days early and then a phone call on my birthday and I really missed that this year.  But Dad did call twice and he sang Happy Birthday to me and we got to talk for a few minutes.  I’m so grateful to have Dad around, although of course no one could ever replace Mom.  Since Dad has had to kind of fill her shoes for the past seven months I think we’ve all grown closer to him.

So there’s my update this week.  Happy Easter to everyone.

Baby M.

We had our first ultrasound this morning and we got to see the baby and hear his/her tiny heart beating. It was absolutely amazing. Here is Baby’s first picture:


Super Paranoia

I am five weeks and three days pregnant today.  According to, the baby’s brain is developing this week.  How amazing is that?

I am still in complete shock that I’m pregnant that sometimes I am convinced that it just isn’t true.  Today was one of those days, so I actually took another pregnancy test.  Yep, it’s still positive!  I don’t think it will really sink in until I go to the doctor and see the little one on the screen.  I can’t wait.