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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Friday’s Appointment

I had another OB appointment on Friday.  We didn’t get to see the baby 🙁 but we did hear the heartbeat, which is always very cool.  I remembered to ask about the heart rate this time and the doctor said the baby’s heart rate is 155bpm.  According to a certain old wives tale, it sounds like we have a little boy!  (I’m still hoping for a girl, but I’m glad to have a baby.)  I left the appointment with the surreal feeling again of being pregnant.  It’s just so great knowing there’s this little person growing inside of me.  Kind of freaky, too.  And uncomfortable.  Pregnancy has not been very fun so far.  But I’m 13 weeks and 2 days and very much looking forward to seeing what the second trimester brings along.


My body is changing and growing, and it’s time to buy new shirts!  Yes, already.  Good thing I have all that birthday money to blow.  The morning sickness finally seems to be easing up on me, but the bone weary exhaustion is still clinging.  I haven’t hit the second trimester yet so that’s to be expected, but it can still be frustrating.  Last night, I came home from work, took a walk with Christopher, helped him with the dishes, cooked and ate dinner and fell asleep on the couch between 7 and 7:30.  Got up at 9:30 and went straight to bed.  I didn’t get up (except for a bathroom break, of course) until nearly 7 this morning, and I still felt like I could sleep another hour or two.  I guess this is how I’m going to feel for the next several years, so I’d best get used to it.  🙂