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Monthly Archives: May 2008

We have movement!

All weekend long I have had sensations in my belly that I have been wondering about- is it baby?  Gas?  Some other weird pregnancy thing?  But today I decided that it is DEFINITELY baby.  He/she was kicking nice and strong, and I felt five kicks.  It was so amazing.  I can’t wait to feel that more regularly, although I am careful what I wish upon myself because I still want to sleep at night without interruptions from a little person just yet.

Thursday I had another check-up and everything still looks great.  The baby’s heart rate was 154 which I was told was absolutely perfect.  At the end of the appointment I was able to schedule the gender ultrasound.  Wooo-hooo!  God willing, on June 23rd we will find out if we are having a girl or a boy, and I cannot wait.  Less than four weeks away!

Morning sickness seems to be gone, finally, praise God, but now I suffer from frequent headaches that nothing will take care of except time.  But I think I’d rather have that then the constant nausea.   People tell me all the time that I’m not showing at all, but I can definitely see and feel a big difference.  My belly feels so heavy all the time and sometimes I’m afraid that I’m already starting to waddle.

My dad announced to us kids on Sunday that he is engaged.  I am very happy for him, but it’s still really hard, especially just nine months after Mom died.  But I want Dad to be happy and not lonely, so I’m glad the Lord has blessed him with someone so quickly.

Christopher is loving his job as a lawyer, and he’s doing very well.  His company seems to like him because they keep giving him these really huge paychecks every Friday.  😉  He has two more years of law school left, and he’s already looking forward to being a full-time lawyer when he graduates (me too!).

So that’s what’s going on in our neck of the woods!  I’ll keep updating as necessary.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was very mixed this year.  The day also marked Mom’s 49th birthday so it was difficult for the family but we all made it through.  And I know Mom had a great day.  Christopher really made it special for me.  I told him that I didn’t care about making a big deal out of the day for me because while I’m growing a baby, I don’t actually have that baby to hold and take care of right now.  Of course, he didn’t listen.  We went to a MS Braves game after church (they won!) and then out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse.  He got me a really cute card and my in-laws got me two really cute cards and a little Mother’s tote.  It’s blue and brown and very pretty and has a Proverbs 31 verse on it.  So the day, despite the underlying heartache, was a very good one for me, and I have to say that I am very blessed to have such a wonderful husband and family.

Prego Brain

Prego Brain is:

Having to ask your husband to remind you what your address is.

Forgetting important dates that people have told you about 20 times and that you have written down.

Almost mailing a birthday card an entire month early because you got your months mixed up.

Forgetting how to use a very basic and easy can opener.


Christopher and I are amazed each and every day by this little child growing inside of me.  We just can’t believe how God has blessed us with this special gift.  We marvel at how my belly is growing and we look forward to the day when we’ll get to feel the baby moving around.  I thought I felt a movement this morning, but then I realized it was just the water hitting my belly in an odd way.  Besides, at 14 weeks, it’s way too early for me to be feeling the baby move.  Even so, every day I try to really concentrate to see if I can feel anything. 

I am so excited to finally be in the second trimester.  It hasn’t seemed to do anything for the morning sickness thus far, but my appetite is improving a bit.  I need get an exercise routine together now and move move move so I can stay healthy and not gain too much weight.  I would love to go for a walk every day but I don’t feel safe doing that by myself in downtown Jackson, even in the middle of the day.

Christopher took a picture of my 14 week belly yesterday, and hopefully we’ll get that posted in my album soon.  You can see a slight progression from 8 weeks to now.  I’m loving it.