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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Our Anniversary

Our third wedding anniversary was a huge improvement from our second.  Dad and Lou Ann came out and we all got to see Robert during a 3D ultrasound.  He looks just like his Daddy.  It was so amazing to see our son.  I can’t even describe it.  Afterwards we all went to Red Lobster for dinner and absolutely stuffed ourselves.  I love Red Lobster.  Their lobster mashed potatoes are totally worth the $3.00. 

Here is a picture of our sweet son.

More Preggo Brain

Last night Christopher and I went to Target to exchange a folding chair.  It was raining so we had the umbrella and as we were walking in the door to Target Christopher said, “Target really has a very distinctive smell.”  I said, “What?  The umbrella?”  And he said, “No, Target.” 

We found a nice chair and we bought it.  We were just about to walk out of Target when Christopher asked me where the umbrella was.  I thought a minute and said, “It’s with my purse.”  “Well, where’s your purse?”  “In the aisle where we found the chair.”  So Christopher waited at the front with the chair while I dashed all the way to the back of the store hoping and praying that my purse and umbrella were where I left them.  They were.

This morning I woke up and looked at the clock.  It said 7:03.  I’m supposed to get up at 6:40.  I turned around to wake Christopher up but I saw him, fully dressed, walking towards me.  I told him that my alarm didn’t go off and he said that it did.  I didn’t remember.  I jumped out of bed and washed my face and put in my contacts.  When I came back in the room at 7:15 my alarm was going off.  Apparently, it had been going off every seven minutes since 6:40 and I had been pushing the snooze button and I honestly don’t remember any of it.

There are at least two or three more silly stories, but of course I can’t remember them right now.  I was clumsy and forgetful before pregnancy, but it has definitely gotten worse these past six months.