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Robert’s doctor, Dr. Gillespie came and talked to us about 45 minutes ago. He said that he was able to open the valve to a degree that takes Robert from a “severe” stenosis to a “mild” obstruction, which is what we were hoping for. The downside is that it looks like the valve is leaking more than we had hoped. Dr. Gillespie said that he didn’t hear as much leaking as he saw in the pictures and that the pictures can be inaccurate, but if his initial assessment is correct, Robert is in a much better situation than he was, but he still has a problematic heart that will need the oversight of a cardiologist for his whole life.

In the long term, Dr. Gillespie said that Robert will probably need further intervention for his heart, whether it’s a repeat of the same procedure he had today, or a more extensive surgery. Regardless of the case, he said there is no “cure” for his situation, but that there are things that can be done to minimize the impact on Robert’s life and activity. In the more immediate future, we’ll be taking Robert to a cardiologist on a monthly basis for the first few months, then every 6-12 months after that. Robert is now a very low risk for a “sudden event” and any problems that could develop would be gradual and would be evident in a cardiac exam.

In the short term, Dr. Gillespie said that they want to remove all his lines today and observe him with a doppler and ultrasound, neither of which require the IV or contact monitors he has now. In other words, we can probably take him out of the hospital for the first time as early as tomorrow. Dr. Gillespie indicated that since we’re already up here, he would recommend staying here for the rest of the week so Robert can be checked out and we can make sure he’s stable and nothing unforeseen occurs.

All in all, Robert is in much, much better shape than he was before, and God willing, we can bring him home soon. Please continue to pray for Robert and for his parents as we learn to care for him and raise him up as a God-fearing man. He has brought us so much joy already and we’re looking forward to sharing that joy with everyone soon.

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  1. Lorell wrote:

    Wow, I am keeping Robert in my prayers. Hope you can take him home tomorrow. Hugs!

    Monday, October 27, 2008 at 1:55 pm | Permalink

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