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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Good Baby

Robert has had a pretty good week.  He’s finally learning that nighttime is for sleeping and, as a result, I have not gone insane in over a week!  He usually goes to bed at about 11 or 11:30, and he’ll wake around 4 and then 7 to eat.  He goes right back to sleep after eating and then I can go back to bed, too!  We are trying to use a schedule outlined by Baby Wise, and it’s working really well for us so far.  Robert eats, is awake for a bit, and then when he starts getting fussy I put him down for a nap.  The only problem we’ve encountered is that Robert now cannot get to sleep without his Nuk.  This is a problem that we can deal with.  We’re just glad he’s finally sleeping better at night.

Robert had a cardiologist and pediatrician appointment this past week and both went well.  He still has leakage in his heart and a little hole, too, but the doctor is not worried.  We’ll see him again in January.  At the pediatrician appointment we learned that Robert weighs over ten pounds now and he is about 22 inches long.  He’s getting to be quite the big baby, but he’s still oh so cute.  He is hitting every milestone properly which is such an encouragement.  It means that his heart really is okay for now.

Robert was baptised two Sundays ago.  Lou Ann bought Robert a really cute white suit to be baptised in.  It was complete with tie and vest.  It was a very special time watching my child receive the first sacrament.  Now when he’s old enough to start eating solid, soft foods he’ll get to take communion!

Exhausted but blessed

We’ve been home with Robert two weeks today and it has been wonderful and exhausting.  We have learned so much about our little boy in these two weeks and we have learned a few very necessary parenting skills like bathing and changing baby.  Robert really likes bath time as long as the water is running directly on him but he screams as soon as it’s time to get out.  He hates getting his diaper and clothes changed but he forgets pretty quickly his indignation as soon as we pick him up again.  He’s a very sweet, snuggly baby, and I still can’t get over how cute he is.

We had Robert circumcised yesterday and although we made sure the doctor used anethesia Robert screamed and screamed.  He did not like being tied down to that table.  He was inconsolable all day long, poor baby, but by around 8 or 9 last night he finally started acting like his old self again.  Monday he has his first cardiologist appointment and next Friday he’ll go to his pedi for the first time.  Robert will be baptised on Sunday, so overall this little guy is going to have a busy and exciting week.

I am doing well.  I seem to be completely healed up from the birth, but the exhaustion is never-ending.  I can never get more than two hours sleep at a time and it’s horrible, but it comes with the territory!

Robert Likes Daddy’s Jokes


Home finally

Robert was discharged from the hospital on Thursday and we flew home with him on Friday.  He did so well on the planes.  He pretty much slept the entire time and ate during the layover.  He’s such a beautiful baby and a delight.  We are very much enjoying having him home with us, although we are trying to rearrange his sleep schedule.  He tends to love the hours between 11PM and 3AM, and Mommy and Daddy are not happy about that.  Christopher and I have been trying to tag-team baby time so that we don’t go too crazy.  It’s very difficult work figuring out what Robert needs and when, but I think we are learning.  Robert is doing very well health-wise, and his first cardiologist check-up will be on November 17th.

I just can’t get over how cute Robert is or that I have a little baby.  God has really blessed us with him.