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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Lots of changes

Robert is growing up so fast! I noticed a tooth coming in about two days ago. I figured he was teething because he chews on his hands all the time and he drools a lot. He’s also figuring out how to roll over! Last night when I went to bed Robert was sleeping peacefully on his tummy. I heard him crying at 2:47 this morning and when I went to check on him I found him on his back! He’s still a very sweet baby, and he’s getting a very strong personality. He has another pediatrician appointment next week, and I’ll ask his doctor about his little cough and the rash on his forehead that will not go away.

Information overload

Robert had a very good first Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We were at my dad and LuAnn’s house for Thanksgiving and it was quite an event.  LuAnn’s two kids stopped by with their families, LuAnn’s sister came by, my siblings were there with their families, and my mom’s mom and brother and his family came.  So we had three different but connected families celebrating together for Thanksgiving and Robert was held and cuddled all day long.  I hardly saw him at all.

For Christmas we flew up to NY to visit Christopher’s family.  Robert got to spend time with his grandma and grandpa and uncles JJ and Nathan.  Everyone went crazy over Robert.  Again, he was constantly held by someone, but I tried to tear him away when I could see that it was naptime.  I didn’t want him to become overstimulated and the rare occasions of alone time seemed to be really good for Robert.  He had fun when we went to Pennsylvania to visit some great-grandparents, etc. and was again very good at another set of great-grandparents’ house in New Jersey.

I cannot believe how much Robert grew while we on vacation.  I packed almost all 0-3 month clothes and within a week he had grown out of most of them.  Thankfully, Betsy and I went shopping one day when most of the guys were out of commission from food poisoning and we bought Robert some new 3-6 month clothes that he could wear for the rest of the trip.  He had a cardiologist appointment on Monday and his doctor said that there still has been no change since the surgery.  Robert’s heart is no better which is sad but at least it’s not worse so we are rejoicing in God’s goodness.  Robert now weighs 12 lbs 11oz and is over 25 inches long.  He is bigger than a couple of the three or four month old babies at our church, and he is only 11 weeks old as of yesterday.

This past week or so, Robert has discovered that he can use his hands to grab things and to wack the little cow that dangles from his car seat.  It’s so fun to just watch him sitting in his seat hitting the cow over and over and over.  He definitely knows what he is doing and that he is in control of the movement.  It fascinates him and entertains him for 30 minutes to an hour sometimes.  He is also figuring out that I’m his mommy and he prefers me over anyone else, although he’ll still let other people hold him.  I don’t want him to become too clingy.  He needs to be able to go to other people sometimes, especially his daddy.  He’s also starting to meet eyes when someone is talking to him and smile at the speaker.  He laughs full out belly laughs sometimes, and he responds with a smile when I first smile at him.  He is absolutely amazing and it is so much fun to watch him grow and learn. 

Robert is now sleeping through the night which is such a huge blessing.  He goes down anywhere between 8PM and 10PM and will sleep until about 7AM.  Then he’ll eat and about half of the time he’ll go back to sleep and the other half he’ll want to play for about a half hour or so and then take a nap.  He is such a sweet baby, and we are so blessed to have him.  He was definitely worth the wait.