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Monthly Archives: April 2009

My 6 month old

Who had to have a first hair cut a week before his six month birthday?
Who had two teeth come in at five months old?
Who is trying to figure out how to crawl and sit up at the same time?

My beautiful and precious six month old baby boy.

Life has been an adventure this past month. My sister had her first child, a baby boy, and now our family is up to our necks in babies! It’s a lot of fun. Robert had a cardiologist appointment where we found out that the leak in his heart has gotten worse and he is now on medication for a short time to help his heart not swell. Hopefully it will work and his heart will stay a good size so it can work properly to circulate the blood through his little body. We are thanking God for these six months with our baby boy and praying for many many more.