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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Amazed in His Goodness

For some reason I am always surprised when God really comes through for us.  He has been so good to us.  When we first found out we were pregnant with Alex I felt a heavy mixture of excitement and panic.  I knew I’d have to quit work, but Christopher still had a year of school left to finish.  How would we afford maternity clothes, a new crib and mattress, etc., more clothes if we were having a girl?  How would we afford to simply live?  Where would the money to buy our food and pay our rent come from?  Christopher kept assuring me that everything would be fine, and I knew that it would, but I had a difficult time remembering that because I could not see what God had in store.

Now that I have a glimpse of how God is providing for us, I am so excited and thankful.  He has provided a “real” job for Christopher which should begin in September, and in the meantime Christopher has started working at the movie theatre again where he will be making more money than I was making while I worked.  We have been blessed with wonderful generous friends who have given us a free pack-n-play, a free crib, a free mattress, and a baby shower.  It looks like we all, including Alex, will have everything we need.  God has promised to provide for His children, and I don’t know why I doubt that because He has always provided for us, no matter what.  I am amazed at His goodness to such an unfaithful child as I.


Today is such a beautiful day and I am having such a great time being a stay at home mom/ housewife that I couldn’t be lazy.  I got up with Robert at 8 (okay, so maybe that’s a little lazy), made some muffins, cleaned up the kitchen and washed and put away the dishes, folded and put away a load of laundry, vacuumed the house, played with the Munch, gave the Munch a bath and put him to bed, and it is now 11:15.  Soon I will get my own shower and after Robert wakes up we’ll go grocery shopping and enjoy the great outdoors.  I am loving this so much.

Joyfully multiplying

As Christopher throws Robert playfully around on our bed I am realizing how sorely behind I am in my posts.  This is no guarantee that I will keep this updated from now on, but here’s a new post for my own benefit if not for anyone else’s.

Robert is 15 months old and a very cute bundle of energy and excitement.  I am staying home with him now as I am a good 8 months pregnant with his little brother and I could not handle working and taking care of Robert at the same time.  Life is now more peaceful and happy, and we are looking forward to the arrival of little Alex.