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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Just Plain stupid and more

I bought some One Daily for Women vitamins at Kroger a couple of weeks ago but didn’t start using them until last night. I was reading the directions on the box and on the bottle desperately trying to figure out how many I was supposed to take each day. Finally my eyes settled on the name of the vitamins- One Daily. Ohhhhh. Wish that I could still claim preggo brain for that one.

Tonight I decided to clean the bathroom while Robert was in the tub. My plan worked well until I realized that not paying 100% attention to Robert meant that he was able to get away with pooping in the bath tub. Ugh. I asked Christopher how he always manages to escape these things (Robert has pooped in the tub about four times now, each time while I’m home by myself) and he responded with, “Because God love me more than He loves you.” Maybe. Maybe.

Still lovin’ it

Having a 16 month old and a one month old is a very busy and exciting life. I never stop. I get about five hours of sleep collectively at night and I never get a nap because Alex decides to have awake time when Robert goes down for his naps. It definitely has its challenges. For example, last week Alex got thrown up on by a friend’s young son. Thankfully Alex never got sick but it was quite an adventure. And today Robert fell off a step outside and busted his face up. His lip is three times its normal size, he has scratches on his upper lip and chin, and one of his front teeth is now loose. We called a dentist and he told us that since it’s just a baby tooth there’s nothing he can do, and we decided not to take Robert to the ER because the bleeding stopped, but we gave him a good dose of pain medicine and I put him to bed (after holding him while he cried for over an hour). I took advantage of the quiet and jumped in the shower. Half way through I heard Alex screaming so I got out to check on him. Alex threw up so I cleaned him up, calmed him down, and got back in the shower. When I got out both boys were screaming and they continued to do so for about an hour. I called Christopher almost begging him to come home from work but he couldn’t. So he called our friend Steven whose sweet fiancée, Anna, is in town and asked if Anna could come over to help me. Anna was a life saver. She immediately took over with Robert and played with him until we put him to bed at about 8:15. I am so glad I had a good ending to my birthday. It was shaping up to be pretty horrible until Anna showed up. As I said, being a Mom of two young boys is very challenging but it’s well worth it. I forget everything when Alex looks at me with his big blue eyes and when Robert throws his little arms around my neck and gives me kisses. I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything.

Another milestone

Christopher and I were commenting last night on how eventful these past three years have been.  When Christopher first started law school, three years seemed like such a long time but here we are with graduation swiftly approaching in two and a half months.  These past three years have been huge for us.  It began tragically with my mom unexpectedly passing away just three days before the first day of school.  Then things began to look bright in February when we found out we were expecting our first child.  Christopher’s second year in school brought the birth of our Robert boy, and the summer in between his second and third years we found out we were expecting our second.  Alex was born almost two weeks ago.  So each year of school has brought about a big change in our lives, and I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us after Christopher graduates.  I hope and pray that these three years have a very happy ending.