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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Sneaky and smart

My family loves to take trips to the grocery store together each Friday afternoon. This week, we decided to go today (Thursday) instead. Alex was happy in his car seat by the handle of the buggy and Robert was in the little car attached to the front of the buggy. We were leaving the cereal aisle and I noticed that Robert had been quiet for a while so I peaked in on him and saw that he had a box of Frosted Flakes that he was trying to get into. The sneaky little thing had snatched it off the shelf without Christopher or I realizing it. When we got home I put Alex in his crib and then went back into the kitchen to put the groceries away. I found Robert with several cans of mushrooms around him and the can opener in his hand. While I stood and watched him, Robert tried very hard to open the cans of mushrooms with the opener. Even though he was being disobedient by playing with the can opener (because it’s dangerous with that blade and all), all I could do was stand there laughing. It was so darn cute! He’s obviously a very attentive little fellow.

Not good enough

I am being more and more convicted lately of using my time wisely and educating myself better biblically so that I can be a good Mother and teacher to my sons. It is my responsibility to make sure they grow into godly men but in order for this to happen, I must be a godly mother. And in order to be a godly mother, I must know what it means to be a godly mother. So I picked up two books recently which I hope to read consistently to help me in this task. I must also continue to observe all the godly mothers around me and learn from them. And I must remember my own godly mother and remember what she taught me the 23 years God blessed me with her.

Oh the Cuteness

Today Robert and I visited one of our neighbors to thank her for sending over three books, a card, and $5 shortly after Alex was born. She is an elderly woman who walks with a cane.  When we got home, Robert was playing with my utensils and he took a spoon and started walking with it like it was a cane. Naturally, he stopped as soon as I got out the camera.

Robert loves to help me clean. Whenever I vacuum, he pulls out his popper toy and follows me around with it and gets in my way. I love it. Today he found a used dryer sheet on the floor and he decided to clean with it. After scrubbing the carpet with it for a short while, Robert moved on to the coffee table, then to some of his toys, and then on to his room.

Grandma and Grandpa Meredith gave Robert a cube that plays Mozart music when he was two months old. It is now one of Robert’s very favorite toys. He plays the music over and over and over so that all of us have the songs memorized. This morning Christopher was humming one of the tunes and Robert ran over to the cube and pushed the orchestra button until it came to the song that Christopher was humming. Smart boy.

Back to the dryer sheet- Robert is now using it as a tissue. And now scrubbing the computer desk with it. Gross.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this kid? He’s great.