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Monthly Archives: May 2010


This post is about a few cute things Robert has been saying and doing lately.  There is always something for he is one pretty cute little kid.  Yesterday I asked Robert if he wanted to go outside and he started saying “bubbles, bubbles” over and over.  His grandparents bought him some bubbles and introduced him to that magic when they were here a few weekends ago, and Robert loved it.  I was finally able to teach Robert how to blow on the bubble wand to make bubbles instead of putting the wand in his mouth.  Yuck.

Every day this week I have heard Robert in his room fussing and whining.  When I’ve gone to check on him, he’s been busy trying to pull his Teddy Bear through the bars on his crib.  So I’ve gotten the bear out and handed it to him and This is what he wants:

He then insists that I carry the seat outside, and I have to explain that Alex is sleeping and we can’t leave him at the house by himself.

There is a wonderful tradition in the Meredith family of reading “Goodnight Moon” to the little ones.  Robert’s Grandmother bought him this book and taught him to say “hush” at the part where it reads, “And a quiet old lady whispering ‘hush'”.  Robert loves this word and whenever we put our fingers to our lips and tell Robert “shhh” he says back “hush.”  The problem with this, sometimes, is that he likes to say it really loud in church, but at home is a different story.  At home, Robert says, “hush, baby” because when we tell him to “shhh” at home it is because he is in Alex’s room making a racket and we don’t want Alex to wake up.  Now, even if Alex is wide awake, whenever Robert sees him he says, “hush, baby.”

Pentecost themed lunch

For today’s church lunch each family was encouraged to bring a dish from a different country. I was nervous about this as I am a very picky eater (I know, I know, I’m horrible) but everything turned out really well. Christopher asked if he could cook for the lunch and of course I let him. He made a wonderful Filipino dish called pancit bihon guisado. Yeah, I can’t pronounce that either, but it was tasty! Robert had fun running around and playing in the nursery while his daddy and I visited, but now I know that I can’t trust him to stay there. I went to check on him and found him outside! I have no idea how he got out there, but it really scared me. Thankfully he stayed right by the doors and had not wandered into the parking lot, but anything could have happened. Thank God for Robert’s safety. Now I’m enjoying a leisurely Sunday afternoon with my husband and youngest son while Robert gets a good long nap. Maybe we’ll visit the pool after he wakes up.

Catching up

Things have been pretty crazy around here lately. I have to go back a week or two to catch up on things. First, I have to brag on Alex again. May 8th and May 10th Alex slept all through the night. He has not done it since then, but it was still a wonderful Mother’s Day gift to get a good night’s rest. Second, Alex rolled over from his stomach to his back for the first (and only) time on May 10th. I’m so proud of my little guy.

And I’m so proud of my husband who, after three years of hard work, graduated law school last Friday, the 14th, as number one in his class! Betsy and Frank came down for the occasion and we had a wonderful weekend with them. Frank got to see Alex for the first time, and both parents were able to attend the annual IPC Crawfish Boil. They had a great time blowing bubbles and digging around in the dirt with Robert. I think they all wore each other out that day. The Meredith’s left Sunday evening and since Monday Christopher and I have been fighting a terrible head cold so the week has not been a great one.

Christopher began his bar review course Monday and that will continue on for five more weeks. He’ll have a two week break and then three grueling days of taking the bar. Then August will be here and family vacation! I am looking forward to that.

So Proud

Alex is 11 weeks old today and getting so big! He is getting into 3-6 month clothes already. He holds his head up very well, and he smiles and laughs and loves to watch his brother monkeying around. He is such a delightful little baby. A few days ago Alex learned some hand/eye coordination. He discovered the dog hooked to his car seat handle and started playing with it. Since then, he has discovered his Grover that his daddy bought him in Ohio and the polka dots on my nursing pillow. It was fun watching Alex trying to grab the dots. He is so precious with his big blue eyes and the little dimple in his cheek, just like his daddy. I can’t claim too much as far as physical aspects go but he’s definitely my baby and I love him dearly.