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Monthly Archives: July 2010

I believe in Home Cooking

When I got involved in Immanuel Presbyterian Church I was surrounded by mothers who breastfed their children.  I was weirded out by it at first because I never grew up around that, but the more I was exposed to breastfeeding, the better I felt about it and the better informed I became about it.  I will never speak badly of someone who chooses to formula feed her baby because it’s her decision and none of my business but I became a huge supporter of breastfeeding.  When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I knew that that is what I would do.  And then when I found out that Robert was born with a heart defect, I was adamant about breastfeeding him.  Of course, I couldn’t breastfeed him often since he was in NICU but I was given a pump which I used faithfully every three hours and then delivered my meager supply to the NICU nurses.  Robert had one nurse who fed him formula one time and Christopher threw a fit (or something more manly).  Each time after that, when it was time to feed Robert, if I had not managed to get a bottle to the nurse, she would call me to ask what she should do.  When Robert was flown to CHOP at three days old I was in no condition to fly with him so Christopher and I sent Betsy with Robert and we flew to Philly several hours behind them.  I had to keep up my milk supply which meant that I had to pump in the airport.  I couldn’t use my electric pump discreetly in public where there were outlets so I had to use a manual pump, and Christopher was kind enough to help me.  We went into one of the family restrooms and were in there for 30 minutes or so, I’m sure.  About 10 minutes before we were through, there was knock at the door.  Christopher said “Just a minute” or something like that, we finished pumping, cleaned up the equipment, and then opened the bathroom door.  There outside was an older lady in a wheel chair, her attendant, and her husband, looking at us very angry and horrified.  Can you guess what they thought we were doing?  One part of me got very angry but the bigger part laughs every time I think about that.

When Alex was almost three months old, we took the boys to Christopher’s school to meet some people.  Everyone was commenting on how big Alex was and one man actually asked me what kind of formula I used.  I told him I used good, old-fashioned breast milk and I believed in feeding my child the natural way.  He became obviously embarrassed, but it didn’t bother me a bit.  I know I am doing the right thing for Alex, just as I did for Robert, by nursing him.  See how fat and happy he is!


I have always wanted a daughter.  Several daughters, in fact.  I have three girl names picked out and I could easily come up with more.  God has, however, decided to bless us with boys.  Boys whose names we agonized over and took weeks or months to agree on.  Active, silly, precious boys who have stolen their mommy’s heart forever.  I’ve decided that being a mom of boys is a pretty great thing.  I still hope to be blessed with a daughter some day but, for now, I am more than content with my two boys.  And they seem to be pretty happy with each other.  Robert loves his baby brother and Alex adores Robert.  Robert sweetly shares his toys and hands Alex his paci and pats his head and kisses his face.  Alex watches Robert’s every move and smiles and laughs at him.  Both boys share my lap as I read them a story and Robert sweetly tolerates Alex’s flailing baby arms and unbalanced little body.  They are brothers who seem to already have a special bond and who I pray will grow up as very best friends to one another.

Fun at The GAP

Yes, I look ridiculous, but we were having a fun family day and Christopher wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

(This was a great trip as I discovered that I could fit in a jean size two sizes lower than I expected!)