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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Fun Times

I was changing Alex’s diaper this morning and we heard Robert’s toy sing the A,B,C’s.  I started to sing along and after the song was over, Alex clapped for me and said, “yay!”

Alex fell over and hit his head and started to cry.  Robert rushed over and asked Alex what was wrong.  Christopher told Robert that Alex hurt himself.  Robert helped Alex sit up and gave him a car.  Alex started to smile and giggle and Robert got him another car.  No more tears after that.

Last night Christopher and I went on a date and left the boys with a babysitter.  This morning I asked Robert, “Were you good for Miss Rachel last night?”  Robert replied, “Ummmmmm, yes I was.”

I was searching for Alex’s musical toy and I knew that I saw it last with Robert some time last night.  I asked Robert, “Robert, do you know where Alex’s music toy is?”  Robert said, “Ummmmm Yes.”  I said, “Okay, where is it?”  Robert reached down and picked it up and handed it to Alex.

Robert dissolved into tears when the babysitter came over last night.  He knew that I was about to leave him.  This morning when Christopher got Robert out of bed Robert made sure that the babysitter had left and that Mommy was at home and then said, “My diaper is vewy vewy wet.”

Robert was coloring at the table this morning.  Alex crawled over and started babbling.  Robert asked, “Algis, what talkin’ about?”

Christopher likes to play the game Angry Birds on his phone and Robert loves to watch.  Robert saw Christopher’s phone on the table, brought it to Christopher and said, “Watch birds?  Watch birds?”  So Christopher started to play while Robert made comments: “Wow!  Crash!  It fell down!”

I am so blessed to stay home with these precious boys and never miss out on all these cute times.  They are growing so fast and learning so much.

A Birthday Boy!

Yesterday we celebrated Alex’s first birthday.  It’s hard to think of him as being a year old already.  He’s still very much a baby, of course, and Christopher and I tend to “baby” him a lot instead of encourage him to learn as much as we did with Robert.  But he is a smart baby and we can tell that he is picking up on things properly.  Alex says dada and uh-oh.  He can clap his hands and he knows what it means when I tell him to clap his hands.  He knows his name, both his nickname and his proper name.  And he is learning what we mean when we same “Come here, Alex.”  I can hold out my hand and say, “Alex, take out your paci” and he obeys.  He loves to throw his arms around me and give me a great big hug, and he loves to follow his big brother around the house imitating him in everything.  Alex adores his daddy and crawls to Christopher as quickly as his fat little legs and arms will carry him as soon as Christopher walks in the door in the evenings.  It is a precious sight.

Alex’s birthday party will be tomorrow.  We are having a very small get-together with family and a couple of friends.  I look forward to seeing Alex dig into his cupcake and see if he can grasp the concept of opening presents.

I am a very blessed momma.  I have two very beautiful and special boys who I absolutely adore.  They are sweet and happy and obedient (for the most part), and I couldn’t ask for better children.  I love them!

And a bit of extra silliness:

Over three weeks have passed since Robert’s surgery, and I am watching him now walking around with a flashlight and happily shining it on everything he can think of.  He is back to his happy wild self and is as cute and delightful as ever.  His only limitations in activities are activities that he probably shouldn’t be doing anyway- flipping over the couch, climbing out of his crib, flipping in and out of the pack-n-play, etc.  These activities require him to put pressure on his ribs which hurts as his sternum is still healing.

At Robert’s post-op appointment with Dr. Salazar, we were told that there was a tiny bit of fluid behind Robert’s heart and as a precaution, Dr. Salazar asked us to come in the next week for another echo.  We went back the next Friday and the fluid was gone!  We have a regularly scheduled appointment with Robert’s cardiologist this Wednesday where we hope to be told that we can cut back on some of Robert’s medication.  Then we need to see the pediatrician to check his overall health (Robert and Alex both currently have a nasty cold that Christopher and I passed along to them) as part of the post-op process.  We expect a good report from both doctor visits.

Alex is coming up on his first birthday!  He is such a sweet happy baby and he has been quite a delight, just like his older brother.  Christopher is especially delighted with Alex because Alex seems to be a daddy’s boy.  He definitely loves his momma but when daddy walks through the door, he is the only one who exists in Alex’s little baby world.  Alex is as fat and round as ever and a wonderful eater which thrills my soul.  I am so glad that God has blessed us with these two precious boys and that Alex is a healthy child.  I don’t think I could bear a huge scar on the chests of both my babies.

To wrap it all up, I leave you with a couple of pictures of my sweet boys.

Alex lounging on the couch with his dada.

Robert trying on his fireman hat from Firehouse Subs.