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Monthly Archives: September 2011

My Wonderful Husband

Today the boys and I met Christopher at Arby’s for lunch. (Next time you go to Arby’s, try the Mushroom Swiss sandwich. Awesome.) While we were busy eating and trying to keep the boys calm and trying to get the boys to eat their food rather than smash it and drop it on the floor Christopher said something like, “You know, I feel like a member of our family is missing and I can’t wait for the new little guy to get here and fill this void.” This was just one more thing to remind me how blessed I am to have this guy as my husband. I hear about so many husbands who want nothing to do with taking care of the children or who can’t stand the newborn phase and are useless during that time but Christopher, like me, loves the little tiny babies. He loves to hold and snuggle them. And he honestly does not mind changing the disgusting diapers. I stay at home with our children while Christopher is currently holding down three jobs. Yet he comes home each evening and plays with our boys and helps in any way I ask him to. “Hon, will you give the boys a bath?” or “Will you do the dishes?” or “Will you brush their teeth?” or “will you take Robert to the potty?” Whatever I ask him to do he does (usually) cheerfully because he loves his kids and he loves me and he doesn’t expect me to do everything on my own while he crashes on the couch after his hard day at work. He understands that I have had a hard day at work too, taking care of the kids, breaking up fights, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, making lunch for the boys and me, and finally making dinner for everyone while breaking up fights. He loves our kids. He loves them as babies and he loves them as they get older and can hold conversations with us and play with us. And he’s looking forward to our new little addition maybe even more than I am. I am very blessed.