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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Benjamin William

Little baby Ben is one week old today.  So far he has been a very easy baby.  We did have two rough nights with him when we got home from the hospital but overall he’s a great sleeper for me.  Christopher and I are so delighted with Ben and the boys seem to like him, too.  Alex does get a little jealous and I’m praying I can find away to give all these boys the love and attention they need from me.

Ben was born Tuesday, December 20th at 3:24 PM.  I was one day shy of being 40 weeks along.  That’s the longest I’ve ever been pregnant.  My entire third trimester was really tough for me.  My body was in nearly constant pain and I was so tired all the time.  On top of that we were trying to get our apartment packed up and get us moved and settled before Ben arrived.  By 38 weeks along, my doctor seemed to want to get Ben out as much as I did.  We tried a few little tricks that worked with my other two boys and my doctor felt confident that Ben would be born before the weekend was out.  I felt the same way.  But just in case, we scheduled an induction for Wednesday the 21st.  All they would do is break my water and my doctor believed that would be all it took.  I agreed as I knew I’d be 40 weeks along by then and I really wanted to be home with all of my boys on Christmas.  The day before my scheduled induction, Ben still had not arrived.  I was getting anxious about having to be at the hospital at 5:30 the next morning.  My doctor called at around 10:30 that morning asking if I wanted to be induced that day instead of the next.  Christopher and I agreed so we headed to the hospital.  The doctor broke my water at about 12:30 and immediately the contractions started coming.  I knew I was definitely in labor but it wasn’t bad yet and I figured I’d have lots of time so I sent Christopher to get some lunch.  Not 5 minutes after he left I was have to stop and breathe through the contractions and I called Christopher and told him to hurry.  He got back and we walked the hall for a bit and then watched a tv show.  The contractions kept picking up until I finally asked for an epi at around 3:00.  The nurse said that it was too late and 15 minutes later I was pushing.  Ben was born nice and calm.  He just laid on my chest looking around, taking everything in.  Of course he looked just like his brothers. We seem to be pretty consistent in that department.

I had joked around that since my labor with Robert was only 9.5 hours long and my labor with Alex was only 6.5 hours long that my labor with Ben would probably be 3.5 hours.  I never really believed that that would be true, but Ben was born after only 3 hours in labor.  We are so blessed to have our newest son here.  God has been good to our family.