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Monthly Archives: April 2012

My Three Sons (written March 24)

Whenever I am out in public with the boys I inevitably have someone referring to “My Three Sons.”  I always smile and nod and act like I know what they are talking about but I had never heard of this show until after Ben was born.  I should look it up so I can know what they are talking about.  Anyway, I thought it was time for a general update on all of my boys.

Robert is thriving.  He eats almost all day long and I am finding out what mothers of boys mean when they talk about the children eating them out of house and home.  Just this morning for breakfast Robert had two bowls of cereal, a cereal bar, and a bowl of goldfish.  I don’t usually give him goldfish for breakfast but my gracious I hadn’t gotten to the grocery store yet and I didn’t have much else to feed him!  He is still as skinny as ever but with his evening routine of running circles around me in the kitchen and dining room, that comes as no surprise.  He is a bossy big brother.  Just last night Robert was watching a little tv show and he had been told that when it was over it’d be time to get ready for bed.  So as soon the show was over Robert approached Alex who was busy playing with his cars and said, “Come on, Alex, time to come to the couch and read the Bible.  Come on, Alex, let’s go.”  When Alex did not respond, Robert said, “Alex!  Alex, look at my eyes!  Look at my eyes, Alex!  It’s time to go to the couch!”  (The look at my eyes bit comes from us telling Robert to look us in the eyes when we are speaking to him. It’s always fun and humbling to discover what kind of things my children pick up from my words and actions.) Then Robert came to me in the kitchen and said, “Come on Mommy.  It’s time to sit on the couch and read the Bible and pray and then go to bed.”  I laughed and followed him to the couch.

Robert is also discovering how fun it can be to pee outside.  I think this is a phase (that perhaps lasts a life-time?) that all boys go through- a fascination of peeing outdoors and discovering new things to pee on and in.  Robert has so far confessed to peeing on the fence, on our firewood pile, in the wood chips that he and Alex play in, and inside the seat compartment of his green bike.  Ugh.

And now on to Alex.  Alex loves cars.  The first thing he does every single morning without fail is run into the living room and dump out his large basket filled with nothing but cars and starts arranging them and playing with them.  He never wants to come to the breakfast table to eat because he’s having so much fun with his cars.  Alex adores Robert and always has to be where Robert is.  If Robert is playing at the table, then Alex has to, too.  If Robert is playing with his bike, then Alex needs to play with a bike, too.  If Robert is on the swing set, then Alex has to be there, too.  You get the idea. It’s fun watching them play together.  Alex also feels the need to aggravate Robert.  He loves to steal a car from Robert and laughs and runs away with the car when Robert protests. It’s pretty funny but it can often become too rowdy, especially when Alex decides to throw the car and it hits Ben on the leg and leaves a nice little bruise.  While Alex is getting better and better with his words, he still has quite a bit of work to do.  He calls me “ommie” and Christopher “adda.”  He calls Robert “Bert” and is always very excited to see him.  Alex is finally warming up to Ben although he does still feel some jealousy there.  He really did hit Ben with a car yesterday and I could tell by the look on his face that not only did he realize how much trouble he was in but he also felt bad about hurting Ben.  Alex rubbed Ben’s head hoping to help him calm down.

Ben is three months old now.  He loves his big brothers.  Robert is very helpful and often plays with Ben and exclaims how much he loves Ben and  how cute Ben is and how he loves babies so much.  Ben smiles at Robert and laughs and usually seems comforted just by having Robert near.  It’s very sweet.  Ben is responding more and more to us.  If I smile at him, he smiles back at me.  He laughs and giggles when we play with him.  He’s such a good baby.  He can roll over from his stomach to his back and he can lift his head up very well.  He scoots from one end of his crib to the other and often is turned around in the opposite direction of how I laid him when I get him out of bed.  He’s growing up way too fast in my opinion.  I don’t want him to stay a baby forever but I do wish these stages could last a little bit longer.

We are enjoying our boys so much and we are so blessed to have them.  I never thought I’d be a mom of all boys but here I am and I love it.