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Monthly Archives: May 2012

5 months old

It’s so easy to write about babies because they are constantly doing something new and exciting (from the parent’s point of view anyway).  Ben is five months old today.  He weighs almost 16 lbs and is somewhere over 27 inches long.  He has learned the very important skill of rolling over all the way.  He has been rolling from his stomach to his back since he was 2 months old but a few days ago he finally mastered the more difficult roll from back to stomach.  He smiles all the time, and getting him to laugh is almost effortless.  He still adores his big brothers, and Robert and Alex are very sweet with Ben.  I have some really great boys.  Ben is learning how to give wet baby kisses and while it’s a bit gross, it’s the sweetest thing in the world.  He has such a beautiful little baby face and the craziest curly mop on his head.  I love having a baby around because there’s always something new to anticipate.  We still get to look forward to Ben learning how to sit up and crawl and eat solid foods and the list goes on and on.