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Monthly Archives: July 2012

No Yelling Week one

I am proud of how this first week of really trying not to yell at the boys has gone. Yes, I’ve gotten upset with them- even to the end of my rope. But I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have yelled in the past week. I know I still have so much work to do in this area. I may not be yelling but I’m still not correcting my children in love which is the ultimate goal here. So the Lord keeps opening my eyes and I hope and pray He will keep changing me.


I love being a mom but it is a huge daily struggle trying to balance the kids, the house, the laundry, meals, and then finding time to do what *I* need to do (I forgot to add in the husband, too).  I’m so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs that mine have to be put aside- I’m only able to pump one time in a day instead of two so I’m miserable all day long. I have to put off going to the rest room until the very last second. I can’t eat until the kids are done eating and often not until they are in bed.  I get tired and frustrated and I lose my temper.  I yell at my kids.  A lot.  And what does that teach them?  Certainly nothing good or positive. We have a lot of trouble with first time obedience in our home and I am realizing that that is my fault.  I yell instead of discipline and I have found that Robert doesn’t listen to a thing I say.  He isn’t respecting me because of all the yelling I do.  So three days ago I determined to stop the yelling.  I made it through Tuesday and Wednesday without yelling at all.  And I have made it through most of today only yelling once.  This is a huge improvement and I learned that when I talk to my children instead of yell at them we are all happier and in better moods by the time their daddy gets home.  I also enjoy my children more when I’m not yelling at them.  I need to show these little people love and respect.  I need to discipline them patiently and kindly and when I do so, they respond better. And most of all, I need to remember that as I serve and take care of my little people, I am doing it all for the Lord (“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40).

On another note, Ben will be seven months old tomorrow.  He can now sit up all by himself and he is getting so close to crawling.  He talks and babbles and squeals.  When I read a book to Ben, he screams every time I turn the page.  I love it.  He has two bottom teeth.  Sharp little things.  Robert found that out the hard way when he put his fingers in Ben’s mouth.  I don’t think Robert will be doing that again.

It looks like Robert will be in a K3 program this fall.  It’s a home schooling program where he’ll go to school two days a week and the other three I will teach him at home.  We are excited for Robert and are working hard to prepare him. We thought and prayed about this a lot and both Christopher and I feel that the structure and learning will be good for Robert.  He is so smart and is just not being challenged enough at home these days and I am at as loss as to what to do with him.  It’s going to be weird not having Robert around two mornings a week.

Nothing new to report on Alex.  I really want to get him potty trained but he has zero interest.  His speech improves almost on a daily basis and it’s so much fun to hear him talk and to find out how much his little brain has been soaking up these past two years.  He knows the entire alphabet and what each letter sounds like and he can count to 10.  He is still learning his colors but he’s getting very close.  He’s a great little fellow and continues to make us smile.

I am blessed to have a job I love- motherhood.  It’s tough but definitely worth it.  Each day is a struggle to love my children more than I love myself because I am finding that I am very selfish person.  But I am being sanctified through this work and I pray that they grow into godly men and count themselves blessed to have me as their mom as I count myself blessed to have had my own mother.  And each day I remind myself that I am doing a good work and I pray that I “never tire of doing what is good” (2 Thessalonians 3:13).