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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Another Year

Time to play catch up again!  Since I last posted Robert celebrated his fourth birthday and Benjamin celebrated his first!  Alex is now potty trained and has given up his pacifier and we are encouraging him to talk more.  We have realized that we have let so many things slide with Alex because we just assumed he did not understand but we are now realizing that he either does understand and is just being lazy or we are just not pushing him hard enough so we are working with him on becoming a better listener and on answering questions.  He does seem to struggle a bit but overall he is doing well.

Robert is our big boy four year old.  He loves to help me clean (and the little vacuum he received for Christmas has aided him in that), and is usually more than happy to help me out with Ben.  He loves to help me cook and regularly asks to help make something “special, like brownies.”  The funny thing is he will help make something but then will refuse to eat it, whether it be that night’s dinner or something sweet like brownies or cookies.  He is so smart and is doing very well in school.  This month marks two years since his open heart surgery and Robert is still keeping us on our toes.  He has a very high energy level and often encourages Alex to run around the house with him.  Robert’s cardiologist believes that we can put off another surgery for 3-5 years which is great news.  We pray for that time or longer.

Baby Ben turned one on December 20th.  He says mama and dada.  He can give high fives, he can clap, he is slowly learning how to wave, and he can give kisses when asked politely.  He crawls all over the place (and has gotten holes in the knees of a couple of his pants all ready) and he can pull up on anything.  A couple of days ago he pulled up on my arm and then let go and stood on his own for a couple of seconds.  He is not too close to walking yet, but that is okay.  I’m perfectly happy to keep him a baby for a while longer.  He is such a sweet little guy.  He adores his big brothers and his daddy.  He loves to observe Robert and Alex playing or fighting or yelling and then Ben tries to join in.  He is all ready making himself a pest to his brothers but they love him and generally do well with him.

This year will see Alex turning three, Robert five, and Ben two but we won’t rush into all of that.  I’m trying to enjoy my blessings one day at a time.