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Monthly Archives: March 2013

We have a 3 year old! Again.

I absolutely love babies.  I love having so many things to look forward to as they grow.  Babies change and grow so much in the first two years of life.  It’s amazing.  But then after two comes three.  And you never hear about Terrible Threes.  The Terrible Threes are soooo much worse than the Terrible Twos.  And this is the year I wish we could just skip right over. But I know that the trials of this third  year will work to sanctify both Alex and me, and I know that this is a necessary stage.

I missed writing about Alex’s birthday because it came right in the middle of a family tragedy.  We had no birthday party or big celebration, but we were able to take Alex to the Children’s Museum and let him pick out some trucks from the gift shop the day before his birthday.  On his actual birthday we had cupcakes and a few presents, and he’s still young enough to not notice the lack of a party.  He was so happy with all of his presents and wanted to play with each one as he opened them.  That’s one thing I loved about that day.  He didn’t rip through each gift and then demand another.  We had to remind him that he still had more presents to open.  And he loved being sang to.  He thinks the birthday song was written for him especially.  For days he walked around singing “Happy birfday to Awex! Happy birfday to you!”

While each day seems to be a struggle with Alex, he still brings much joy to our lives.  My poor middle child gets lost in the mayhem of our household but when there is one less child around or when he is by himself I can see what an amazing and funny little boy I have.  He makes me laugh every day.

Alex has always been a daddy’s boy and that remains true still.  No one can make Alex light up like his daddy.  And it’s such a blessing to all of us to have a husband who loves his boys as much as they love him.

Happy Belated Birthday to my Little Middle!  We are so blessed to have our sweet Alexander.