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Last night Robert asked, “What day is it tomorrow?” When I told him tomorrow is Thursday he said, “Then I have to go to Bible Study.” The poor guy is trying to think of every reason why he needs to leave the hospital now.

When Christopher and I arrived this morning Robert smiled at us. Then the next hour was filled with crying and screaming and defiance and demands. He refused to take his pain medicine and he thrashed around and fought the nurse so much that she now has to replace Robert’s iv line where she’s been injecting medication. We finally had to leave Robert so the nurses could do their thing. It was obvious that his dramatics were for our sake and our presence was not helping at all. I guess this is tough love.

Robert should have his own room this morning. We will send out an email when Robert is ready for visitors. He really needs more encouragement than we’ve been able to give him. In his 5 year old mind, his pain and hospital stay is going to last forever.


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  1. Judy Schneider wrote:

    I told Mickey Tues. that I was a hospice nurse but I couldn’t do pediatrics. This is so hard on all of you! Thanks for the updates. Still praying.

    Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 9:52 am | Permalink

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