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Praise be to God

Our sweet brave boy is HOME! We are all relieved to be home and back together with the littler ones. Robert is still in some pain but he seems to be in better spirits. He just had a nice little nap in his own bed.


I am absolutely amazed Dr. Salazar was once again able to repair Robert’s valve. And I am blown away by all the support, encouragement, and prayers we have received throughout this long, difficult week. Robert came home with 9 balloons and three bags of gifts. People have been providing food and gift cards so our bellies have been full. Our many visitors and vigil keepers on Tuesday have kept us sane. The prayers of everyone have kept us grounded. I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to you all. It’s wonderful to have such a close and loving family and friends who drop everything to help in our time of need.

While we are now home, Robert’s recovery is far from over. We have to limit his activity a bit for the next 6 weeks while his sternum heals. He has a broken bone so he’s in a lot of pain. He’s exhausted. And he’s embarrassed by his scars. So please continue praying for our son and for us as we try to help him and reestablish a routine with our other precious boys.