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One week!

IMG_20140225_183511475Here is our boy exactly one week after open heart surgery!  I cannot believe how far he has come.  We brought him home Saturday, attended church as a family Sunday, and Monday he had to go back to the hospital to get his staples (14!) and stitches taken out.  That was rough.  He was more afraid of pain than actually in pain and he became a little demon child.  I have never seen someone turn such a shade of red that he is glowing! When he started yelling out GET. YOUR. HANDS. OFF. OF. ME. RIGHT. NOW! I knew my Robert was gone and there was no getting through to him.  It was awful.  But it’s over now, his scar looks great, and he’s getting back his energy and appetite and his amicability. He will go back to school and Bible study next week and hopefully things will get back to normal at that time.

At the appointment Monday I asked Robert’s cardiologist if it is safe to say that Robert’s heart is, at this time, healthier than it has ever been.  He gave a surprised little chuckle and said “Yes!”  Dr. Aggarwal sounded amazed when he told me there is NO LEAK and Robert has only a slight stenosis.  And in the coming weeks, Dr. Aggarwal will begin to wean Robert off his medication so that he will have no daily meds at all!  I cannot believe it!  He’s been on medication since he was born with maybe a short break somewhere in there. This is a new life for Robert.  It’s amazing.  God’s amazing.  He just keeps going above and beyond what we ask.  We are so blessed.