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Two and a half weeks post surgery

IMG_20140307_092609812And not only is Robert’s heart healthier than it has ever been, but it has even improved since his appointment on February 24th!  Dr. Aggarwal said Robert’s heart is returning to its normal size, there is still no leak, and there is a slight stenosis.  There was some concern with the lack of healing at the top of his incision so he asked someone from surgery to come take a look at Robert.  Dr. Salazar’s wonderful guy, James, came and decided there was a string sticking out! James cut the string off and said Robert’s incision should heal properly now but that we should keep an eye on it to make sure. I am not worried about it.

The thing I am worried about and am asking for prayers for now is Robert’s stomach.  He has been complaining of almost daily stomach pain since October.  Sometimes, he was obviously lying and sometimes he was obviously in pain so I don’t know whether to believe him or not when he complains.  He was completely fine last week (particularly when Christopher and I were out of town and he was being cared for by my wonderful in-laws) but these past three days he has been complaining again.  We have not yet taken him to his pediatrician for this because we felt confident that it was an issue related to his heart, but now that his heart is fixed and he is still having pains and I honestly cannot tell whether or not he is lying about it, I have decided it is time to really get him checked out.  The good news is that after his surgery and numerous subsequent (expensive) cardiologist visits, we are done paying for doctor visits for Robert for the year. Please pray there is nothing serious wrong with Robert and that we can get to the bottom of his issues, whether it is a real physical problem or just sin.


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