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Where is the X Chromosome?


I am surrounded by boys, boogers, bugs, bumps, and bruises, and lots and lots of testosterone. Sometimes it gets to be a bit much.  Like when my 2 year old, who is finally just learning to talk, chooses “fart” as one of his first words.  And of course everyone bursts into laughter which makes said 2 year old repeat the word over and over. (And who am I kidding?  I am a Mattson.  I was laughing, too. But that’s beside the point.)

Boys are loud.  They are gross.  They can be pretty smelly.  They have no clue how much they trash the house on a daily basis.  And words like “poo poo” and “booty” and “tee tee” are wonderful words that require their own songs.  Alex made up a very special song about booties.  “It’s booty today!  It’s booty today!  It’s booty booty booty booty booty!”  It’s a rather catchy little ditty that will, unfortunately, get stuck in my head every time I hear it. (And now I will be singing it the rest of the evening. Great.)

I need a little girl.  A sweet little girl who will help me keep things neat and clean, who will go shopping with me, who will play dress up with me.  A daughter.  But as I pray for that and wait for it hopefully, I am thankful for my smelly, loud, wild little boys.  Little boys who will spend most of their outdoor time before dinner picking flowers for me because “you married Daddy and you deserve flowers.”


I am so blessed to have my wild hooligans.  They are precious to me and I thank God for them every day.