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Monthly Archives: February 2015

The X

I have a daughter. A beautiful baby girl to call my own. When Christopher and I found out we were expecting a girl we were shocked. Christopher told me, “We’re going to have to have a talk because I can’t make girls.” Well, there is no doubt who our daughter’s father is. This is most definitely a Meredith baby. IMG_20141218_170806800

Abigail’s due date was December 18. We had so much going on in the month of December that we needed her to come that very day and she obliged us.

I was scheduled for an induction on 12/18 at 5:30am. At around 4:30, my water broke at home. I was shocked and terrified I was going to give birth on my bathroom floor or, worse, on the side of the interstate. I rushed Christopher out the door and we arrived at the hospital at 5:30.

I was finally settled in by 6:30 and my nurse checked me. I was so upset to hear I was only dilated to a 4. I was counting on a really fast labor as my last one was only 3 hours long. Turns out I had nothing to be upset about. An hour later I was begging for an epidural so the nurse checked me again. I was an 8. I cried at that news for several different reasons. I was glad that labor was progressing so quickly but man did I want that epi!

Labor continued progressing although my contractions were very sporadic. They were not timeable or predictable in any way. But all of a sudden it was TIME. And my body began to push.

At that point, Christopher and I were the only ones in our room. My nurse had gone to check on my doctor’s whereabouts so when Christopher saw a head he got ready to catch the baby. Thankfully, that’s the moment my doctor rushed in and guided Abigail the rest of the way into this world. He joked about me not needing him and he placed Abigail on my chest. She was born screaming but as soon as I held her she stopped. She grabbed my finger in her tiny hand and gazed up at me. And I finally had her. My daughter. Abigail Anita born at 8:22am on December 18, roughly 4 hours after my labor began. IMG_20150214_093303500